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Just a few fairy tales..

By erin the great, Jan 31 2018 02:00PM

What a wild few months! I had a baby (now 5 months old! Little Miss Willow Hendrix), my son turned 4, the holidays, a vacation in a snow storm, a new job and my computer broke for a couple of months. I am happy to say that I have a new hard drive and am back in business. Moving on, here is a nice little review local Atlanta children's book author, Rosalind Bunn, wrote about my newest picture book! Enjoy!

"Mr. Mailbox Man Goes To Work" is a whimsical and quirky personification of many ordinary things. Children will love looking at the illustrations and coming up with their own version of each character's day. The use of ordinary objects that children are familiar with enables them to interact with the pictures on their own or with their favorite adult further enhancing a love of books.


Thanks for the review, Rosalind! You can find out about Rosalind and her books through her publisher, Deeds Publishing

Remember, 5% of proceeds are donated to drawchange, a non-profit organization dedicated to aid global change by supplying the world’s children with empowering art experiences!

By erin the great, Oct 4 2017 02:10PM

I love this review Jennifer Franklin gave of my book, Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work!


'Mr. Mailbox Man' is a gift for any child, from newborn to elementary-school age. The story is highly imaginative and relies on fantastically detailed pictures to convey the story, forming a bridge of understanding between our physical world and our imaginary nature. This story lends itself to rich vocabulary development by allowing the child to become the storyteller. 'Mr. Mailbox Man' is filled with charm and fun while feeding young reader's minds with adventure and fostering their budding creativity.


Jennifer has a masters in education. She teaches and paints magical things.

Back in 2003, we were in school together. She made these beautiful shadow box worlds when we had a show at Gallery 1010 together! I love them so much. Thank you, Jennifer, for years of advice, inspiration and friendship.

Detail of a shadow box.

By erin the great, Sep 1 2017 02:00PM

I'm so excited to share my new book, Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work, with you! Want to know what people are saying about it? Here is Darin Bush's review:


I have always enjoyed Erin the Great's illustrations. I enjoy her sense of space and of color, and the quirkiness of her characters. I hope someday to have her illustrate one of my stories. I'm pleased to see her use her talents to create a book for children to discuss, not just to read.

The first time I read "Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work", I missed a lot. First of all, I was trying to read a book that is meant to be absorbed or felt. I approached it as an adult, a story teller, a writer. That was a forgivable mistake. The second time I viewed it, I tried to do so only with childlike delight. I was well rewarded.

I then noticed many extra elements to the illustrations. The house mouse is one wonderful example: not quite a sidekick, not quite a guide or chorus. When I later discovered Erin's intention, to create a book for adults and children to share as a way to spark creativity and discussion, I thought back to my daughter (now grown) and her time as a new reader. I wish we'd had "Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work". I'm sure she would have loved it.


Darin M. Bush is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author, specializing in short stories, who speaks at various conventions in or near his home of Atlanta, GA.

You can follow Darin on his facebook page


Get your copy of Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work on Amazon and other online booksellers or from my shop for a special signed copy!

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