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Just a few fairy tales..

By erin the great, May 17 2016 03:00PM

The first time I walked by the AC Boxhole Gallery, I was in love. I am so fond of tiny things and had been working on a tiny painting series. This was the perfect place to show it! The Gallery is the size of an AC Window Unit, converted into a tiny, exterior gallery, located ouside of Vintage Atlanta, in the heart of East Atlanta Village. Stop by and see my show for the month of May!

Below, you can read a little about the series:

“Just a Few of My Favorite Things” is a show about just that. I painted things that I love. Things that make me happy, like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

The format is tiny for a couple of reasons. I wanted the viewer to feel cute aggression: that protective instinct we have when we see things that are cute and tiny and just want to squeeze the day lights out of it. This tiny little world needs a watch guard to make sure it isn’t destroyed!

The other reason for the tiny format is because we don’t always get to see the entire picture in our everyday life. We see only in smaller portions. The face in the mirror, not the body. The bedroom, not the house. The building, not the city and so forth. This tiny art show allows the viewer to see an entire gallery in one look. It allows you to stand outside of a world and feel like a giant and at the same brings into perspective how small we really are in this humongous world. After all, we are just “Who’s” on a speck, floating in space.


To purchase art from this series, visit my Etsy shop.

#tinypaintings to see photos of the creative process.

By erin the great, May 16 2016 03:00PM

Today's the day, it's here! Hooray!

Kelly and I worked very hard on this video. I did a little animation to some of the illustrations, which is no easy task with my outdated 10 year old Macbook. Kelly did a great job producing the video with CakeBaby Productions and Evie's dad plays the dad in the video! If you already love our book, then here is a new way to experience the story. I'm so proud and really, truly hope you enjoy it! Visit Evie and Knox Stories for more information.

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