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Who are these people, Anyway? | a series by erin the great | Anthro Art

By erin the great, Aug 20 2016 09:00AM

“Who are these people, Anyway?” A series by erin the great.

I came across 2 very old photo albums at a yard sale, years back. One cover was velvety red, very worn, with the word “ALBUM” on it. The pictures were kept safe by a metal lock engraved with curly cue vines and the word “portraits”.

The other photo album was an embellished brass plate with an arrangement of foliage and flowers. Both books were several inches thick and heavy. Each page, a quarter inch wide, embracing a very serious portrait. What really grabbed my attention was the matting around each photo. Golds and bronzes. Embossed paper with intricate leafy vines. It was beautiful! I HAD to work with them. I purchased both photo albums from the older lady getting rid of all her junk. She didn’t know the people in the photographs. They were not distant relatives. How did she get ahold of them? Who were these people, anyway?

After many attempts of incorporating the frames with my art, I realized, it was not just the frame that I loved, it was the pairing of the portrait with the frame that drew me in. I began looking at the people in the pictures. No one smiled. No names.

Who were these people, anyway?

I decided I would paint their spirit animals, as if they were wearing these animals as costumes. This is a common practice, nowadays. People love to document themselves in their costumes. Thus, was born the project “Who are these people, Anyway?”

The portraits are subtly funny. The antique colors almost blend into the background. But, the elegantly detailed matting that frames the art, brings the viewer in for a closer look. The costume is identified. The giggle and then the second look.

I enjoyed creating this project and I hope you enjoy experiencing it! See entire series here

“Who are these people, Anyway?” is currently exhibiting at AC Box Hole Gallery. The gallery is a remodeled AC Window Unit, it’s tiny and I love it! The exhibit can be viewed anytime from the outside of Vintage Atl in East Atlanta Village on the corner of Flat Shoals and Glenwood.

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