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My Spring Gnomes have arrived!

By erin the great, May 23 2016 09:00AM

I was on a nice walk this spring, and boy have I been lucky with the Atlanta spring! We have had nice cool breezes for most of the days! I stopped to admire one of my favorite Atlanta trees, the Eastern Redbud, and noticed several gnomes frolicking around the purple/pink blossoms.

We had a nice little conversation about the wonders of spring, rainbows and ladubygs. I asked when they would be stopping by and the gnomes replied that they were waiting for the blossoms to turn to leaves. Well, I am pleased to announce that 5 female and 5 male spring gnomes have arrived! They are good guests and looking for new homes. These spring gnomes are particularly beautiful, with sky blue clothes, and redbuds hand painted on their bellies and hats! You can view more pictures Here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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