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Kinta, the Blue Gnome | Gnome Fairytales by erin the great

By erin the great, Oct 6 2016 09:00AM

As you may know by now, I host a plethora of gnomes in my home. While this is probably one of the more joyous roles in my life, it comes with its own difficulties. For instance, gnomes aren’t always good listeners. They tend to “fly by the seat of their pants” if you know what I mean.

Several of my gnomes are hitch-hikers. I have to check and re-check my pockets and purse to make sure there are no stowaways but gnomes are so sneaky. They usually don’t get caught.

Kinta is one such stowaway. She is a female gnome. She wears a blue dress with daisies. Kinta is smart, adventurous and athletic. She also LOVES road trips, but what gnome doesn’t?

I was hiking in Sweetwater Creak State Park, when a little Kinta jumped out of my backpack and ran down the pathway saying “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”. She stopped by the river and made little boats out of leaves and sticks and rode them down miniature waterfalls.

She threw pebbles in the water and made dirt castles, but the best part of our hike was when we came upon this knobbly tree.

Kinta was in love. She jumped from bump to bump until she made it all the way to the top. Then she ran back down again. It was so cute and she was so fast. She looked like a little blue blur zooming around that tree. Kinta climbed for about 20 minutes at full speed before she tuckered out.

She whispered in my ear that she was ready to go home, curled up on my shoulder and took a little gnome nap (which is 30 seconds in our world, gnomes don’t need a lot of sleep).

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*if you have stories of photos you want to share about your gnome friend, please email me at

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