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Hum Drum Blues | Anthro art about the mundane, daily tasks we endure

By erin the great, May 7 2016 03:00PM

I love drawing animals with anthropomorphic characteristics. I also love creating art that makes me giggle.

This series focuses on anthropomorphic characters performing day to day tasks, making light of our responsibilities. We can relate to how mundane life can sometimes be, laugh about it and then have a better day because of it.

“Hum Drum Blues” was made to shake us out of our monotonous routine and appreciate the little things in life!

The actual paintings are 2.5 x 2 inches and are mounted on 6 x 6 inch matt board.

I hope you enjoy this 20 piece series as much as I enjoyed painting it. To purchase the art, visit my Etsy shop. To look at the creative process, search #Humdrumblues

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