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Garden Gnomes and Forest Gnomes

By erin the great, Jan 12 2016 03:00PM

Gnomes (or gnomies, as I like to call them) are joyful and loving creatures. Because of their enormous strength, speed and intelligence, they are able to protect and care for all animals (except cats, their notorious nemesis). The gnomes that I find, live in my backyard. There are a few who occasionally sneak into my house, but they are definitely not house gnomes. My gnomes are either forest or garden gnomes.

Forest gnomes and garden gnomes live in, well, forests and gardens! The forest gnomes mostly live inside the bottom of very old trees. Oak trees being a favorite. Garden gnomes are a little riskier. They typically are out in the open, tending to the gardens that we humans aren’t able to properly care for or outright neglect. but they live in burrows built by moles (who are very close friends with the garden gnomes). Gnomes are very small, just about 1” without their signature hat. (Please don’t point out their short stature, it is an insecurity most gnomes seem to dwell on). The gnomes eat raw food off the land: mushrooms, herbs, mint (a favorite) and berries. They love to socialize with each other after a hard day of work.

Sometimes these gnomes are wild little guys. I hear them playing music very late at night. Mostly percussive instruments, but there is some singing (chanting style) and pretty righteous dance moves. Now, they are very private citizens of the backyard and don’t like to be watched. As a human, you have to be very sneaky to catch a glimpse of the gnomes, which is difficult to do, since they are so smart and sneaky themselves. If they have even an inkling that they are being watched, they freeze and turn into “doll mode”. Doll mode is how most of us humans perceive gnomes. The gnomes lose all organic characteristics; their faces appear to be painted on. Their body is no longer fleshy; instead, it looks as if they are made out of clay or fabric or some other doll-like material. And the gnomes appear to be frozen in time. These are all very important magical powers that all gnomes possess. It reduces capturing, harming or simply violating their much coveted privacy.

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