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Action Artwork Interview on illustrator, erin the great

By erin the great, Jan 24 2016 03:00PM

I was interviewed by the art rental company, Action Artwork Rental. It was a lot of fun to talk about my inspiration and show off my studio! Action Artwork rents art to the film industry. I have had my art in a few films since my husband, J.R. Wicker, is a screenwriter. He used my art whenever he needed a children's room decorated. I love how well Action Artwork treats their artists. They are a great company to be a part of.

Carey Hall is one of the founding members of AAR and writer of the blog "Artists in Action"

Here is a snippet of the interview:

Erin Wicker, also known as erin the great, is a local children’s book illustrator and purveyor of the whimsical. Her illustrations invite viewers into a world of detailed fantasy, where it is easy to get lost in her vibrant colors and imaginative characters. “I can distinctly remember coloring and thinking this would be the greatest job ever. I think that’s my process. I make a coloring page and then I color it,” says Erin.

I sat down with Erin in her home studio in Glenwood Park to speak further about her illustrations, her gnomes project, connections with the film industry, and having the greatest job ever!

To read the full interview, click here

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