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Just a few fairy tales..

By erin the great, Sep 5 2017 01:00PM

As you may know, Kelly is my partner in crime for Evie and Knox Stories. We have two published picture books together and are working on our third. I was eager to see what she thought of my upcoming book and so pleased to get her seal of approval. Read her review below:


"Mr. Mailbox Man is such a sweet and unique book. The story is simple and perfect for teaching children the skill of storytelling as the book is told completely through illustrations. Children grow their imaginations and vocabulary, and parents have a beautiful opportunity to talk with their kids about the book! Love Mr. Mailbox Main Goes to Work and it's talented illustrator!"


Kelly Young-Silverman is a Midwestern girl living in the South who loves to tell stories. Her work ranges from award-winning screenplays and stage plays to children’s stories and young adult novels.

By erin the great, Sep 1 2017 02:00PM

I'm so excited to share my new book, Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work, with you! Want to know what people are saying about it? Here is Darin Bush's review:


I have always enjoyed Erin the Great's illustrations. I enjoy her sense of space and of color, and the quirkiness of her characters. I hope someday to have her illustrate one of my stories. I'm pleased to see her use her talents to create a book for children to discuss, not just to read.

The first time I read "Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work", I missed a lot. First of all, I was trying to read a book that is meant to be absorbed or felt. I approached it as an adult, a story teller, a writer. That was a forgivable mistake. The second time I viewed it, I tried to do so only with childlike delight. I was well rewarded.

I then noticed many extra elements to the illustrations. The house mouse is one wonderful example: not quite a sidekick, not quite a guide or chorus. When I later discovered Erin's intention, to create a book for adults and children to share as a way to spark creativity and discussion, I thought back to my daughter (now grown) and her time as a new reader. I wish we'd had "Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work". I'm sure she would have loved it.


Darin M. Bush is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author, specializing in short stories, who speaks at various conventions in or near his home of Atlanta, GA.

You can follow Darin on his facebook page


Get your copy of Mr. Mailbox Man Goes to Work on Amazon and other online booksellers or from my shop for a special signed copy!

By erin the great, Aug 21 2017 02:00PM

First of all, happy solar eclipse day! I can't believe it's only one more month until the release of my book! Hooray! Hooray! Oh frabjous day! Callooh, callay!

As you may already know, a portion of the proceeds go to drawchange a charity that I am absolutely falling in love with. They work hard to bring meaningful art experiences into the lives of homeless children.

Here is the release of my book trailor. I hope you enjoy it. I love Mr. Mailbox Man and hope you do too!

A special thanks to Jeff Hulett for the music and to my publisher, WordCrafts Press, for believing in me.

You can order a special signed copy of the book from my shop or preorder from Amazon and other online booksellers.

By erin the great, Jul 18 2017 03:00PM

I had a little fun making my own 1-12 month signs for my upcoming baby (5 more weeks!).

10 strawberries for 10 months.  Willow will be 10 months in June of 2018
10 strawberries for 10 months. Willow will be 10 months in June of 2018

We've all seen the cute stickers on the little onesies for each baby month photo shoot. With Knox, I made a little framed chalk board and wrote the month each time. Unfortunately, I didn't take into acount the curious little hands rubbing off the chalk during each photo shoot.

Knox's 11 month old photo shoot
Knox's 11 month old photo shoot

So, this time, I made watercolors of each month to take into account less smudging. I guess if baby is slobbery, I might run into the same problem.

At the bottom of each picture, I added an illustration that coincided with the weather of the month (January has snowflakes, etc) and if it was 5 months, there are 5 images.

Knox really enjoyed counting the pictures on each illustration. I hope this inspires you to create your own "how many months" signs for your wee little one!

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